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Projects Made With MakerLab Equipment

The resources from the MakerLab at Albertsons Library are available for students, faculty, and staff to use in taking their project from idea to reality. Below is a sample of projects that utilized MakerLab resources. Want to incorporate MakerLab resources into your curriculum? Contact MakerLab faculty to start the conversation. We look forward to working with you!


Teaching Statistics with 3D Models Donovan Kay, Anthony Reynolds, and Professor Brian Stone – The team designed and 3D printed a set of hands-on tactile models of the normal curve by adapting and improving a preexisting prototype model on the design sharing site Thingiverse. You can find their redesigned statistical 3D model files on Thingiverse

Materials Science

Structure of Materials, MSE 305, Professor Elton Graugnard – Students gained a deeper understanding of crystalline structures by being able to actually hold a model they had created in CrystalMaker, and then 3D printed. MakerLab faculty worked with Professor Graugnard in developing the work flow for the assignment, and printing all the models for the class.

University Foundations

Exploring Science Fiction, UF 100 – The final assignment for this class was a group storytelling  project that resulted in an original video. UF 100 faculty and instructors met with MakerLab faculty to develop a class visit activity that struck a balance between limited time and a lot of information.

UF 200 & 300 – Students used the video and audio equipment to produce documentary videos.


Interdisciplinary Studio: Video, ART 378/478, Professor Kate Walker – Collaborated with professor on development of curriculum to introduce students to audio and video resources students could use in creating their final projects.


Entrepreneurial Skills, ENTREP 320, Professor John McIntosh, Ph.D. – Students were asked to design and 3D print a door handle with increased accessibility. 


Protein and drug molecules, Professor Henry A. Charlier, Jr., Ph.D. – Developed a 2 part 3D model that showed how the drug he developed attaches to a protein. 


Mechanical Engineering – Students designed and printed wind turbines to be tested in the Engineering Department’s wind tunnel. – 

Microgravity Team – The team came up against some deadline issues while working on a prototype Extra-Vehicular Activity (EVA) tool to test at the Neutral Buoyancy Laboratory at Johnson Space Center in Houston. Having been trained on the 3D printers in the library allowed them to easily schedule printer time and meet their deadline.

SpaceBroncos Team – Students from this team used the green screen in the MakerLab to superimpose themselves onto a background image of Mars.


Teaching and Learning in a Digital Age, EDTECH 202 – Students rotated through stations with a variety of emerging technologies to learn about what they one day may be teaching with.