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Photographs of the Makerlab Community

two women working on a makey makey project

with Makey-Makey carrot piano

3D printed Tron Motorcycle

3D print

A large group of elementary age children in an outdoor theatre

Celebrating an afternoon of making

three people in front of 3D printers

3D print

three people and a camera on a tripod next to 3D printers

3D Printing

The Creative technologies association in a circle talking

CTA Meeting

A woman and a child in front of 3D printers.

Makerlab Fun

Amy, Scott, Deana, and Anne in front of the Lego table at Jump


Children sitting at a table covered in legos


A group of people being trained to use 3D printers

Welcome to 3D printing!

a tabletop with 3D models of chemicals structures in various colors

Material Science Crystal Project

two women studying while sitting in stuffed chairs

New Furniture

A woman working on a laptop while another woman sits in front of the green screen

Green Screen

Corbett and Thomas working on an electronics project

Arduino Fun

a shiny knob with Pearlescent paint

Pearlescent shift knob by David Lukashonok

Deana teaching in front of a group gathered around circular tables

CTL workshop

A woman sitting in front of an arduino board and a computer

Arduino Workshop

Students studying at tables in the MakerLab


A man and a woman making paper cranes out of gift wrapping

Making origami

Corbett and Carl playing a tabletop game of Angry Birds

Angry Birds?

Carl playing tabletop Angry Birds

Angry Birds 2?

Amanda In front of the vinyl cutter

Silhouette vinyl cutter

A woman showing off paper cut on the vinyl to two other women


A sign that says "Clean Recycling only please"

Recycling vinyl project

A Vinyl Cutter with a Paper logo that has been cut out

Vinyl cutter project

Paper flowers cut on the vinyl cutter


Paper soccer ball made on the vinyl cutter

Paper soccer ball

A man and a woman standing in front of a projected image of the vinyl cutter

Vinyl Cutter Workshop

An action figure in the process of being 3D printed


A molecule in the process of being 3D printed


Corbett holding a 3D printed shark

Printing fun

Amy & Ann looking into the camera at breaking barriers.

Engaged in making

a group of elementary aged children doing various things in the makerlab

MakerLab stations

Two men holding up paper mustaches to their faces

MakerLab Fun

A man standing next to a 3D printer

3D trainee

Two puppets with very creepy eyes


Four students sitting at a table in the MakerLab

Studying in the Makerlab

A group of people using audio recording equipment

Boom Microphone

A group of people standing next to a table full of Legos


A group of adults and young children around a table of sand.

Jump 2

A group of people looking intensely at a 3D printer

Learning to 3D print

A Whiteboard with lists of words in marker

Student Meeting in Lab

a group of students around circular tables

Intro to 3D printing

a group of students looking at 3D printed models

3D fun

A large group watches a ball move through race track made out of wooden planks

Sphero obstacle course

Putting TAZ 3D printer together

Putting TAZ together

The Creative Technologies Association meeting a table in the MakerLab


A woman standing next to a 3D printer


3D printed frog showing open torso with organs


The creative technologies association


Lulzbot Mini

Mini – Lulzbot

A 3D printed wireframe skull


various 3D printed objects

3D prints

A 3D printed Lotus flower

Lotus Flower print

3D printed T-Rex Skull


3D printed molecule with support material being removed

3D support material

3D printed boat


3D printed Glider


Daniel and Corbett sitting by an arduino project

Daniel and Corbett

two women working on laptops

Designing with TinkerCAD

A group of children around a table covered in white sheets of paper

Fun with the Makey Makey

Corbett in the library entrance demonstrating arduino

Pop up

Scott, Donovan and others setting up lulzbot TAZ

A new TAZ for CTA

Scot and Carl eating Food

Portable Desk

Deana speaking in front of a large group at the MakerLab

Learning about the Makerlab

A man and a woman experimenting with Arduino


A news article about the maker event at JUMP

JUMP Article

A child playing at a table with legos

JUMP young boy

Two men at a table with coffee containers


Ian and Greg inside the sound booth using the podcasting microphone

Sound Room

Scott Demonstrating his 3D printer at trailhead

Night at Trailhead

A group of people at a table learning electronics with Arduino

Arduino Workshop

Corbett, Dean and Amanda all wearing plaid shirts looking cool

Band Photo MakerLab Team

A table with chemical structures of various shapes and colors

Material Science Crystal Project

Various people socializing at a MakerLab event

Student Meeting Event

People attending a MakerLab event

Student Meeting Event 2

Students at a table exploring 3D printed objects

3D elephant

Corbett using his hands to explain concepts about electronics

Arduino Workshop

The MakerLab Sign


Googly eyes

Googly eyes

A man and a woman smiling holding up and Arduino

Arduino fun

Amy and Deana smiling while setting up lulzbot taz

Setting up TAZ

Deana talking about the 3D printer while at the capitol building

Capitol with printer

Deana talking about 3D printing at the Capitol

Deana at the Capitol

Lulzbot Taz 5 building a chemical structure

This is the library’s larger 3D printer from LulzBot

a 3D printed dinosaur bone


A closeup of a carbon nanotube being built


a finished model of a carbon nanotube

Nanotube 1

another finished model of a carbon nanotube

Nanotube 2

carbon nanotube model

Nanotube 3

a blue 3d printed hand


Jim with 3D printed 1968 Boise State Library

Jim with 3D printed 1968 Boise State Library

A group photo of elementary students


abigail crouching in the recycled server cabinent

CTA student having fun in the MakerLab

3D printed assembly of cylinders inscribed with numbers


Slack for iOS Upload (41)

Photo Shoot

A large group standing in front of the greenscreen

Welcome to the Makerlab!

A table with pamphlets labeled "virtual reality"


A woman and a young girl discussing the contents of glass jars in front of them


Carl and Abigail Hanging in the MakerLab

Hanging in the MakerLab

A 3D printed Buddha statue with batman's head

Bat Buddha

A group of people as Amanda teaches about video editing in the MakerLab

Green Screen Workshop

A group of people as Amanda teaches about video editing

Another Green Screen Workshop

Amanda demonstrates video editing

Green Screen

A man in the background being photographed by a camera in the foreground


Tech talk

Tech talk

A man testing out a virtual reality headset


A computer with leapmotion in front of it

Leap motion

A woman pointing at a computer screen

Beth Brin with LEAP Motion

two men working on equations on a whiteboard

White board

A large group watching a a sphero travels a course on the ground

Sphero obstacle course

The green screen wall

Green screen

Close up of a white 3D printed skull, showing the individual layers

Close up skull

An empty space that would become the MakerLab

Makerlab before

Two men working on clay models


A Raspberry Pi in a plastic case

Raspberry Pi

The creative technology association experimenting with Makey Makey

Makey Makey

An Arduino with breadboard and seven segment display next to it


Window painted with the words "Maker Mixer"


A group of people in front of a green screen


A woman and a woman holding a child talk about the 3D printer