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School Group working with technology
The makerspace invites classes at Boise State University, groups and clubs, and others to visit the makerspace. If you are interested in offering an instructional session at the makerspace, please use this form to express your interest

Example Workshops

Use the above form to request any of these workshops, or let us know how you’d like to customize your own!

Introduction to 3D Printing

Attendees will learn what 3D printing is, how it works, and get up close and personal with 3D printed items. This session will help demystify making for anyone attending.

3D Print a Thing

In this activity, the students learn how to 3D print something. They are trained by library staff, and gain hands experience related to safety and knowledge skills. On their own, they then schedule a time to print their own object. Students will then get to work with other knowledgeable students who work and volunteer in the space.

3D Design

In this session, students learn to use Tinkercad, Thingiverse, or Autodesk software.

Find a Thing, Tinker a Thing, 3D Print a Thing

Learn the basics of 3D printing by downloading a model from Thingiverse, manipulating it in TinkerCAD, checking your design in Netfabb, and printing it with the library’s 3D printer. Don’t know what Thingiverse, TinkerCAD, or Netfabb are? Don’t worry, no experience necessary, just bring your curiosity!

Vinyl Cutting

Similarly to choosing a 3D printed object where the students found a thing that represented their strengths, they were also required to find an object in a website called The Noun Project. The students cut this using a vinyl cutter, and then placed that on the wall in the makerspace. This helps students to feel ownership over the space, and begin to recognize that it is a place that they belong. Identity and belonging are key areas in makerspace research as many say that it’s not a space for people “like them” – even though it is for everyone, and also this population struggles with feeling like they are a burden and that they don’t often belong.

Emerging Technology Roundtable

Creative confidence is a critical aspect of maker identity. Many individuals feel as though they don’t belong in a makerspace, or that they cannot “do” those technologies. In this session, leaders work hard to demonstrate that “everyone is a maker.” At the beginning of the class, everyone learns to shout “Hey Makers!” and then do a call and response. The students are asked if they “identify as a maker.” Few may raise their hands. Makerspace leaders ask, what’s the last thing you made, and encourage using questions like, “Who made ramen?” Students begin to laugh and share what they made. “I made cookies!” The students then experience 4 short nuggets of emerging technologies. At the end, the are asked again, “How many of you identify as a maker?” Then, more hands are raised. Students in this session explore 3-4 types of technology which enhances their creative confidence.

Design Thinking

Students obtain design thinking skills. They are using deep interview skills, empathy development, point of view needs analysis, and prototyping ideas.

Make Your Own Video From Found Content

You don’t have to have a video camera to make videos! You will learn how to download archival video footage, locate copyright free images, video, and sound, and edit your own video with Windows Movie Maker. Perfect for a class, or fun!

Lean, Mean, Green Screen Machine

Your imagination is the only limit when learning to create your own images to superimpose. You will learn lighting and camera techniques to take an effective green screen photo. Then you will edit a photo using Adobe Premiere for a fantastic finished product! Using equipment available to everyone at the library, you can use a DSLR and the library’s green screen to learn.

Podcast Skills: Editing Audio with Found Content

Using free software that anyone can use, we will learn how to edit audio, reduce noise, record voice, add multiple tracks, and export an mp3. We’ll use found content from the Internet Archive, no need to bring any audio files, but if you have some, bring them!

From Idea to Object: In-depth 3D Printing Introduction

This in-depth 2.5 hour workshop will let you see different 3D printers working and learn how different materials print. You’ll leave knowing the steps, tools, and software needed to go from idea to finished object! Post-processing methods will be discussed, and time is allotted at the end for general 3D printing Q&A.

Getting in Touch with Your Arduino

Have you ever thought about learning to code? Many people want to learn, but never do because they can’t see how it could fit into their everyday life. This workshop will teach you the basics of Arduino coding, electronics and breadboard prototyping. By using capacitive touch sensors, you can interface the Arduino with objects all around you!