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Makerspace Best Practices

Culture Best Practices

Albertsons Library’s MakerLab and makerspace environment is a radically inclusive community with a clear pipeline to fabrication resources allowing students to design ideas, objects, and dreams.

These makerspaces are places where new ideas come to life. Located in the library and open to everyone on campus, the spaces showcase a radically inclusive community. We strive to develop a clear pipeline to fabrication resources allowing students to design ideas, objects, and dreams. Everyone on campus can have access to emerging technologies and an innovative culture of learning.

In order to maintain a safe, productive, and efficient makerspace environment, the makerspace culture and community follows a protocol to not allow anyone to reserve space, tables, or equipment, if it is not being used. If you do not show up, for example, for a 3D printing appointment within a half hour, the policy is that the time and reservation will be released. Please do not leave your belongings at a table if you are not using it.

3D Printing  Best Practices

The 3D Printers are available to Boise State University students, faculty, and staff.

  1. The Library’s 3D printer may be used only for lawful purposes. No one will be permitted to use the Library’s 3D printer to create material that:
    1. Is not in compliance with Boise State’s Policy 8000 on Acceptable Use of Information Technology;
    2. Violates the Student Code of Conduct Boise State Policy 2020;
    3. Is obscene or otherwise inappropriate for the Library environment;
    4. Is in violation of another’s intellectual property rights including copyright, patent, and/or trademark protections with respect to fair use and other legal exceptions.
  2. Boise State University students, staff, and faculty are able to use the 3D printers in a self-service model after undergoing training.
  3. 3D printers may only run during library open hours, and must be shut down a half hour prior to closing.
  4. Not complying with the policy can restrict your access to the 3D printers.

The service model will be iterated based on requests. The library will offer workshops on an introduction to what 3D printing is and how to get started.